Hook Book

Bristol Biennial 2012

June 2012


As a part of the Bristol Biennial we produced an illustrated children’s book about Isabelle, a wide-eyed young rabbit, who wants to be an artist. It takes her through a journey of how it feels to go through a creative process. For her in this instance, it becomes a metamorphic, transcendental activity that leaves the reader and her wanting more. The vocabulary used was important, as it was both educational and evocative. The multitude of themes running through this artwork meant that all readers could get something different out of the experience. As well as a simple story line that you would expect within a children’s book there were undertones, the frenzy of activity and lexicon used invocate an almost sexual experience. Hook Book was scattered around Bristol’s streets on large posters. It was produced for the general public to wander, discover and put the story together or appreciate each page as an artwork in itself.