A MASSIVE thankyou to all who swung by Queensbridge Square on Saturday - we felt exhausted but so glad of the apparent and visible success of the day REGARDLESS of the wind!

We thank thank THANK our amazing artists - Performprint with Joel Gailer & Jenny Hall, Sally Tape for Candida Powell-Williams, Andrew Rewald and collaborator, Veronica Caven Aldous, Tess Healy and collaborator, Hayley Hoopla and her Hoop Army, Gabrielle New and Lauren, Andrew Goodman and Tessa, Maggie Brown, Plastic Knife & Rupert Ramon via Fulsome Prism Recordings, Mira Oo and collaborator, Michelle Sakaris, Mitchell Brannan, Tania Smith, Damon Kowarsky & Hyun Ju Kim, Alanna Lorenzon, Nicholas Ives and Lucreccia Quintanilla. YOU WERE ALL AMAZING and thankyou for staying cool under pressure from the high pressure system!
What a day! Thankyou for giving it your all and ignoring the 'breeze'.

Our amazing support crew Tahls, Yvette, Susie and Philippa and our production goddess Naomi Velaphi and our marketing guru/photographer Beth Ellen Wilkinson and Robert our electrical handy man - thankyou for helping us to get this thing off the ground (omg...too literally at times on the day!!) and for helping to keep it on track. We really could not have done it alone. x

Website will be live for another 11months or so and we will publish photos as they come in to us!