Play's The Thing

Kings ARI

April 2015


This artwork encouraged an exploration of theatre making with spaces designated for writing, costume play and set design. As you decided your character, you decided the part for you to play. The project aimed to empower the participant by giving them the tools to understand their own actions, or pretend to be the person that they want to be. The application of the 'performance' within the context of the gallery allowed for definition of the work - participants were in understanding of their part in the work and their role in it's creation.

The objects in the room were made to be engaged with, allowing new and unusual ways of interaction. Endorsing the ability for contemporary art to link, connect and make patterns visible. It was important for the work to be able to be understood and communicated with all ages and communities. We wanted to foster discussion about lines in a text that has been written, conversations about which costume would be typical for that character, or brag about the amazing pieces of furniture and props someone devised to enhance the action on the stage. We learn about ourselves through watching other people’s actions, the aim was to make this more overt.