Incinerator Arts Complex

May 2011


Tent explored ideas of nomadic temporary shelters and how textiles can create non-spaces.

From a distance the shining beacon of bright white fabric that is Tent situates the viewer in a complex conundrum, why would a tent be considered an artistic accomplishment? And if it were not art, what use would a tent have if it has holes in? On closer inspection it becomes obvious that the tent is made from mens’ shirts, which could be considered a symbol of power and the conforming individual that creates a homogenous society.

And what use would a viewing portal have from a tent, if it were not to stare in wonder at the delicious outdoors, at the wonders of our environment in an expanded understanding. The tent is a modality of freedom, and expansion of our typical day, or holiday facilitator.

It is fabricated simply from reclaimed business shirts, cotton rope, dowel and tent pegs. Due to its fragility, unfortunately Tent was unable to be crawled into, it is one of the few static sculptures we have made. This fragility in an outdoor sculpture seems counterintuitive, as eventually it disintegrated. However the work becoming saggy and mouldy gave it a life span,  its clean and bright white shirts were marked by time.