The Hugo Ball

White Space Castlemaine

January 2014

The OK Collective worked together with Castelmaine locals, artist Andrew Goodman and musician Scott Saunders on this 3 day project/event.

"In Castlemaine, we are trying to recreate some of the vitality and energy of a bar in far-flung Vienna in the 1920s defined as the Cabaret Voltaire. This cacophony of sound, action, revealing manifestos, absurdist poetry, absinthe and costumes was the nexus of the Dada movement. Indulge your inner and outer child by making an arrogant self proclaiming manifesto, put on a costume, have a stiff drink and then act out a poem, sing a song, perform. To add a little accoutrement to this spicy mix we have added a little 1970s punk from a British band of the same name. Feel free to sing along. We want you to revel in the nonchalance and excitement of your own creativity. 

How does one achieve endlessness? Simply perform at The Hugo Ball. How does one gain all manner of fame and fortune? Well, the answer is easy, attend The Hugo Ball. You may think it is easy to achieve, and it is. We give you eternal gratitude for the words that will rise from the depths of your soul. It will satisfy the lust in you heart. Let pour like the mountain springs, in spring. Sprung, boing, boing."